Writing an outbound sales emails: With Facts and Examples

Want to boost your outbound sales email efforts? Look no further! This guide provides you with proven email templates and real-life outbound sales examples to help you write persuasive outreach emails.

Are you struggling to see results with your outbound sales emails? Do you find yourself struggling to grab the attention of potential customers? It's time to rethink your approach and try out some effective templates and examples.

In the competitive world of sales, writing effective outbound sales emails can make or break your success. With so many emails flooding inboxes every day, it is crucial to stand out and capture the interest of your prospects. But crafting the perfect email can be a challenge, especially if you're unsure of what works and what doesn't.

Let's start with what are outbound sales emails first?  Outbound sales emails are sent to potential customers who are not yet familiar with your product in order to establish a connection and encourage them to choose your product over competitors when they are ready to make a purchase.

There are various types of sales emails that need to be written, including ones to pitch your product or introduce yourself to the prospect, follow-up emails to stay on their radar, nurturing emails for cold prospects, and a final email to disengage if they do not respond.

What is the right time to send an outbound sales email?

In relativity when we started doing outbound sales in the first place we had the same question, and here is what we found, that our emails tend to receive the highest engagement during two key time slots: around 9 AM and 3 PM. Additionally, the days of the week that saw the most engagement were Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and 30-40% on sundays. 

Now that we have this valuable information in hand, you might think the hardest part is behind us, but there's more to consider.

So, if you're aware that your recipients are opening your emails but not responding, what steps can you take to remedy this? And how can you go about earning their trust? Answer to this question is you need to understand what works and what does not. 

What really works while writing an outbound sales emails?

  • Clicky email subject line: Based on our research, it is recommended to keep your sales email subject line brief and intriguing. The most successful subject lines create curiosity, incorporate promotional offers, and are tailored to individual recipient's preferences.
  • Best opening line: When crafting the opening line of your sales email, it is recommended to avoid starting with, "Hi, my name is..." Let's begin with a more impactful statement by directly addressing the reader.
  • Email closing line: A strong conclusion to your sales email provides recipients with a clear direction for their next steps.
  • Email signature: A sales email signature should not be distracting and should avoid using cliche inspiration.

What does not work for an outbound sales emails?

  • There is a lack of brand awareness.
  • The email is not relevant.
  • Spending time on a prospect who has already resolved the issue is not productive.
  • There is a lack of creativity observed in email outreach.

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Final verdict:

Writing an outbound sales email proves to be an valuable resource for anyone looking to master the art of crafting persuasive sales emails. With its real-life examples, it offers a hands-on approach to enhance your email outreach game. 

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