In an increasingly digital world, local businesses face growing competition from ecommerce giants and national brands with huge online visibility. Despite offering quality services and having loyal patrons, neighborhood businesses can still struggle as new buyers can simply overlook their existence when searching online.

But here’s the good news - a recent study by HubSpot  shows that over 70% of consumers still prefer to hire and buy from local service providers and stores. And 34% of search queries have local intent.

So by enhancing their visibility and digital access for nearby audiences, local enterprises can tap into this preference to find and win new business ahead of chains and non-local rivals.

That’s where Google My Business comes in. A properly optimized free listing gives incredible direct exposure to local searchers right when they’re looking to hire or purchase. This article will explore exactly how to use Google My Business to get customers flooding through your doors.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a free business profile listing on Google which shows up prominently across their suite of products when users search for local brands.

Specifically, claiming and verifying your GMB listing means appearing in Local Search listings, Google Maps, Google Posts, and even YouTube video carousels for location-based queries related to your products and services.

With 1+ billion monthly active Google Map users, 7+ billion daily Google Search queries, and 80%+ local mobile searches on Google,  GMB offers unmatched visibility and lead opportunities for local enterprises.

GMB helps multi-location brands or single establishments showcase accurate business information and contacts to engage new, nearby customers across devices. Listings allow sharing photos, store hours, contact info, menus or catalog items, and customer reviews to build familiarity and trust in your brand for local buyers.

4 Core Benefits of Google My Business

Increased Visibility for Local Searches:

Top placements across Google’s massive search, maps and YouTube properties. Appear when nearby prospects look for offerings.

Building Online Reputation:

Manage customer perceptions by responding to reviews, updating listing content, and sharing updates.

Driving Brand Awareness and Foot Traffic:

Get discovered by more potential patrons visiting nearby and reinforce your location + offerings.

Better Customer Experience:

Accurate info on hours, menus, inventory helps customers know what to expect when visiting your store.

Optimizing Your GMB Listing for Maximum Impact:

With strategic optimization, your Google My Business profile can drive exponential growth in qualified local traffic and word-of-mouth. Implement these best practices for local search dominance:

Keep Business Information Complete + Accurate:

This builds trust and ensures customers have correct details like working hours, address and phone number before visiting.

Respond to Reviews:

Reply to customer feedback showing you value patrons and aim to address concerns. This builds confidence in choosing your business.

Share Updates + Offers:

Leverage posts to promote new products/services, events, sales deals or other announcements that add value for followers.

Highlight Products + Services:

Use all available categories, labels and attributes when detailing your offerings so you appear for every relevant local search.

Include Good Photos + Videos:

Visual content that catches attention and communicates your location’s vibe and offerings makes you more memorable.

Encourage Customers to Review Your Business:

Positive reviews establish credibility and gives new buyers confidence to become patrons. Prioritize getting happy customers to submit 5-star ratings and testimonials.

Refresh Content Frequently With New Keywords:

Update menus, descriptions, photos etc. ensuring fresh content that uses new local search queries for maximum visibility.

Fix Errors Quickly:

Incorrect details erode trust so promptly update changed info like new opening times, location, or phone numbers.

As more customers discover and engage your enhanced listing, you’ll start seeing substantial growth in store/location traffic, calls, and revenue thanks to GMB optimization best practices.

Managing GMB Just Got Easier with Gushwork

Getting your Google My Business listing set up fully optimized with great content that converts searchers into buyers is admittedly time and effort intensive.

And with constantly evolving local search trends and Google updates, the required work compounds just maintaining GMB visibility. That’s why over 70% of listings have insufficient information despite their high ROI.

Here’s where Gushwork comes in - our AI business assistants take care of all GMB listing management and optimization for you at an expert level.

Using our purpose-built artificial intelligence, you can:

● Create or claim your official GMB listing if not done already

● Keep your business information accurate and current

● Craft compelling descriptions of your offerings incorporating new local search trends

● Respond to all Google reviews building customer confidence

● Set up and optimize Google posts showcasing updates + offers

● Continually refresh visuals and videos spotlighting your products

● Fix errors and update changed details promptly

● A/B test content variations to maximize engagement

Our automation enables scaling Google My Business best practices customized for your specific location and offerings while you focus on daily operations.

Now you can tap into Google’s vast local search traffic to drive new business growth without headaches or becoming an SEM expert.

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