Gushwork's Best AI Sales Assistant Software in 2023: [User Guide and Benefits]

Gushwork's Premier AI Sales Assistant Software: Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of Gushwork's top-tier AI-driven sales assistant, revolutionizing sales processes and driving efficiency.

In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires disruptive solutions. One such innovation that has been revolutionizing the sales industry is AI-powered sales assistant software. 

Gushwork human administrators leverage some of the most cutting edge AI sales assistants to make them 10x more productive than traditional sales or business development reps.

This article will explore the world of artificial intelligence sales assistant software, its benefits, and how it can supercharge your sales efforts.

What is an AI sales software?

AI sales assistants are advanced software solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. They are designed to assist sales teams in various tasks, from lead generation and data analysis to customer interaction and sales forecasting.

Utilizing AI sales assistant tools for your business is increasingly imperative in today's competitive landscape for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, these tools significantly enhance operational efficiency. They can automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks such as data entry, lead qualification, and appointment scheduling. This not only saves valuable time for your sales team but also minimizes the risk of human errors, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of your sales data.

Another key advantage is the ability of AI sales assistants to analyze and interpret vast amounts of data swiftly. This empowers your sales team to make more informed decisions by providing insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and performance metrics. Such data-driven decision-making can lead to improved strategies, more targeted marketing efforts, and a better understanding of customer needs.

Furthermore, AI sales assistants can significantly enhance lead engagement and nurturing. They can engage with leads in real time, providing immediate responses to inquiries and delivering personalized content at the right moment. This personalized approach can substantially increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

AI sales assistant tools also excel in predictive analytics and forecasting. They can use historical data to predict future sales trends and revenue. This not only aids in resource allocation and budgeting but also allows for proactive decision-making, enabling your business to stay ahead of market changes and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Moreover, these tools are highly scalable and can adapt to your business's growth. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, AI sales assistants can be tailored to suit your specific needs and can easily expand as your business expands.

How does AI sales assistant tool works?

These intelligent software applications utilize data analytics, natural language processing, and automation to perform tasks that human sales professionals traditionally did and help the sales assistant plan and execute new tactics. They can analyze vast datasets, extract valuable insights, and even engage with potential customers in real time.

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Top 10 best AI sales assistant software in 2023:

1. Hubspot Sales Hub: Enhance Lead Management and Customer Engagement.

Hubspot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is an indispensable sales assistant tool that offers a plethora of benefits to streamline your sales efforts. One of its primary advantages is contact management, allowing you to efficiently organize and maintain detailed profiles of your contacts, leads, and customers. With email tracking, you can gain real-time insights into email engagement, enabling you to follow up promptly when a recipient opens your email. Moreover, the tool offers sales automation capabilities, which can save you time by automating repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-up emails and lead nurturing.

Additionally, HubSpot Sales Hub provides robust sales analytics and reporting features, giving you valuable insights into your sales team's performance. By integrating seamlessly with HubSpot CRM, it ensures that you have a complete view of your customers and prospects. The lead scoring feature lets you prioritize leads based on their engagement and behavior, ensuring that your sales team focuses on the most promising prospects. You can also create and manage email sequences for various sales scenarios with sales sequences, making it easy to nurture leads and guide them through the sales funnel.

To get started, sign up for a Sales Hub account, complete the onboarding process by importing your contacts or leads, and begin adding new contacts by providing their details. Enable email tracking when composing emails, set up automated email sequences under "Sequences," and customize your sales reports under the "Reports" section. Make sure to connect HubSpot Sales Hub with HubSpot CRM to maintain a synchronized view of your sales activities. With these steps, you'll be well on your way to leveraging the full power of HubSpot Sales Hub to enhance your sales processes and customer relationship management.


  • Starter (costs $45/month)
  • Professional (costs $450/month)
  • Enterprise (Costs $1,200/month)

2. Tavus: Personalized Video Communication.

Tavus AI assistant software

Tavus is a sophisticated AI-driven video tool. Imagine recording a sales pitch once and tailoring it for every prospect, or swiftly thanking key accounts with a single video. With Tavus, record, upload, and customize your videos, switching from "Hi Hailey" to "Hi Shirley" effortlessly. 

This magic enhances personalisation without the need for unique videos, elevating response rates and satisfaction on LinkedIn, email, SMS, and other platforms. Witness the enchantment for yourself!

Pricing: Intro plan is for $497/month. 

3. Drift: Automate Lead Capture and Sales Processes.

Drift AI sales assistant software

Drift is a dynamic conversational marketing and sales assistant tool, designed to empower businesses to engage with website visitors, qualify leads, and drive conversions. Its benefits are manifold, beginning with the ability to offer real-time chat support, enabling you to connect with website visitors instantly, answer their queries, and guide them to relevant content. With Drift, lead qualification becomes a breeze as it utilizes AI to ask tailored questions and collect crucial information. For instance, by asking visitors what they're seeking, Drift segments them effectively.

Automation is a strong suit of Drift. You can set up chatbots to automate common interactions, saving time and ensuring 24/7 availability. These chatbots can be programmed to schedule meetings, route inquiries to the right team, and provide immediate responses. Visitor tracking is another remarkable feature. Drift allows you to monitor website visitor behavior in real time, enabling proactive engagement with high-intent prospects. The tool will even alert your team when a high-value visitor revisits your pricing page, prompting a proactive chat invitation.

Drift is designed to integrate seamlessly with your CRM system, ensuring that lead data is synchronized for sales follow-up. When a visitor becomes a qualified lead, their information is automatically pushed to your CRM for further nurturing. Moreover, Drift doesn't limit engagement to just your website. It extends to email, social media, and various other channels, creating a unified communication strategy. Drift's email bots, for instance, can send personalized messages to prospects, guiding them back to your website for further interaction.

To get started with Drift, sign up for an account, and complete the onboarding process, typically involving the addition of the Drift chat widget to your website. Configure the chat widget's appearance and behavior, and customize the initial chat message to welcome visitors. Create custom playbooks for lead qualification, and design chatbot flows using the Drift bot builder. You can monitor visitor activity using the Drift dashboard and define trigger events for chat invitations. For CRM integration, connect Drift to your CRM system and ensure smooth data transfer by mapping the relevant fields. Finally, explore Drift's multichannel engagement features and tailor your strategy to suit your audience's preferences.

Drift is an invaluable tool to enrich your website's interactivity, connect with potential customers, and boost conversion rates. Use this user guide as a starting point to explore its features and benefits, and adapt it to your unique requirements for exceptional results.


  • Standard (cost $40/month)
  • Professional (cost $400/month)
  • Premium (cost $1500/month)
  • Enterprise (Contact Drift)

4. Clari: AI-Driven Sales Forecasting and Data Insights.

Clari AI sales assistant software

Clari stands atop the sales software hierarchy, celebrated for its expertise in AI-driven sales forecasting and illuminating data presentations. It equips users with essential tools for impact conversations and persuasive presentations, all fortified by data insights. This robust AI continuously assembles forecasts, spanning regions, reps, channels, product lines, and overlays, delivering a wealth of crucial data. 

Clari's transparent user interface provides unfettered access to deal status, prospect engagement, and representative activity, among other facets.

Pricing: Clari does not reveal its pricing, contact Clari for more details.

5. Champify: Amplify Your Advocate Pipeline.

Champify AI sales assistant software

Champify revolutionizes the corporate landscape, facilitating a tenfold amplification of their premier pipeline avenue – advocates who transition job roles. These advocates encompass former champions, influential users, or individuals who once scrutinized your product but have since relocated professionally. 

Champify swiftly updates Salesforce with advocates' fresh contact info and history as they embark on new roles. It also alerts Account Executives (AE) and Sales Development Representatives (SDR), providing managers with robust reporting tools for effective tracking. 

To tackle information overload for sales teams, Champify employs smart prioritization based on factors like prior users, seniority, intent score, and more, ensuring reps work efficiently.

Pricing: $1,000 / month + (depending on # of contacts monitored)

6. Blaze: Elevate Sales Team Performance.

Blaze AI sales assistant software

Blaze is an AI-driven customer engagement platform designed to assist companies and agencies in effectively expanding, engaging, and retaining web3 users. It simplifies the process of building a web3 community by offering tools for launching DM campaigns, ads, rewards programs, and KOL partnerships, targeting our extensive database of 40 million crypto users and companies. 

Blaze facilitates user value delivery through manageable onboarding flows, content calendars, reward programs, and re-engagement campaigns. In the evolving web3 landscape, Blaze empowers marketers to track and manage community, transaction, and product data, providing valuable insights for growth strategies.


  • Base plan $79/month
  • Most popular $199/month
  • Premium $999/month
  • Enterprise Contact Blaze.

7. Boost Deal Closures with Predictive AI.

People AI sales assistant software

People AI,is a complete AI-powered sales assistant tool that offers a wide array of benefits for your sales processes. It excels in automating activity tracking, capturing and recording sales-related interactions such as emails, calls, and meetings, eliminating the need for manual data entry. For instance, when you send an email or have a sales call, records these interactions in real-time, saving you time and ensuring data accuracy.

Opportunity management is a core strength of It provides a centralized platform for managing sales opportunities, allowing sales teams to prioritize and advance deals efficiently. This means you can use to keep an eye on the status of all your opportunities, identify which ones require immediate attention, and see which ones are actively progressing.

The tool's AI capabilities extend to revenue forecasting, utilizing historical data and AI algorithms to provide accurate revenue predictions. This empowers you with the insights needed for better decision-making and resource allocation. By analyzing past performance and current pipeline data, can predict future revenue with precision. also offers detailed insights and analytics on individual and team performance. It's equipped with dashboards and reports that provide information on email response rates, call durations, and meeting success rates, helping you identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Seamless integration with your CRM system is another significant benefit. By integrating with your CRM, you ensure that sales and activity data remain synchronized and up-to-date. As opportunities progress in, the information is automatically updated in your CRM, providing a holistic view of the customer journey.

Moreover, can serve as a valuable sales coaching tool, offering insights into sales interactions and best practices. For instance, if a sales call was particularly successful, can highlight the strategies used, facilitating coaching and training opportunities.

To get started with, begin by signing up for an account and completing the initial configuration. You'll need to integrate with your email, calendar, and CRM systems to enable data capture. Then, you can install the tracking software on your devices and email accounts for automated activity tracking. Create and manage sales opportunities, access the revenue forecasting features, and explore the insights and analytics dashboards to gain deeper insights into your sales activities. Finally, connect with your CRM system to ensure consistent data updates and review the coaching insights provided by the tool. is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your sales efficiency, data accuracy, and decision-making. Use this user guide as a starting point to explore its features and benefits, and tailor it to your specific needs for even better results.

Pricing: To know the pricing contact People AI or request a quote through its pricing page

8. Accelerate Deal Closures and Productivity.

Exceed AI sales assistant software

Exceed AI, is a highly advanced AI-powered sales assistant tool, purpose-built to streamline lead qualification, appointment scheduling, and lead nurturing processes. One of its core benefits is its ability to employ AI to qualify leads, using responses to screening questions to ensure that your sales team concentrates their efforts on high-potential prospects. For instance, if a lead indicates a specific budget for your product, can categorize them as a qualified lead.

Appointment scheduling is another strong suit of, with the tool seamlessly integrating with your sales representatives' calendars to ensure a smooth and hassle-free booking process. If a lead expresses interest in a product demo, can take charge of arranging the appointment and sending out calendar invitations.

Moreover, facilitates automated lead nurturing through personalized email sequences, ensuring that leads receive relevant content and stay engaged. For leads who have shown interest in a specific product feature, can send follow-up emails with in-depth information on that feature.

The tool's versatility extends to multichannel engagement, covering email, chat, and SMS. This means that leads can be engaged through their preferred channel. If a lead prefers receiving information through SMS, can accommodate that preference, sending them timely updates and content through that channel.

Seamless integration with your CRM system is also a notable benefit. ensures that lead data is synchronized, offering a complete view of leads and their interactions. When a lead is qualified and an appointment is scheduled, their information is automatically updated in your CRM for future reference.

To embark on your journey with, start by signing up for an account and completing the initial setup. Integration with your email, calendar, and CRM systems is a vital initial step. Define lead qualification criteria and screening questions, and set up AI-driven qualification workflows to categorize leads. Configure appointment scheduling rules and preferences, sync calendars, and establish automated booking workflows. Develop personalized email sequences for various lead segments, and tailor engagement based on lead preferences and channel effectiveness. Lastly, connect to your CRM system, ensuring seamless data flow for qualified leads and appointment information. is a robust tool that can significantly enhance your lead qualification, appointment scheduling, and lead nurturing processes. Use this user guide as a starting point to explore its features and benefits, and adapt it to your specific requirements for optimal results.

Pricing: does not reveal its pricing, contact for more details

9. SetSail: Optimize Sales with AI Insights.

Setsail AI sales assistant software

SetSail, a sales software infused with AI, excels at tracking sales, and pipelines, and extracting insights, especially on a specific scale. Users gain a complete business data overview, with machine learning pinpointing buying, selling, and productivity trends. 

These insights seamlessly integrate into your CRM, data, and SetSail's intuitive dashboard, ensuring constant accessibility. Notably, SetSail illuminates the leading indicators of success in your deal data, allowing you to identify the impact activities of your sales representatives.

Pricing: Setsail provides on a request basis, contact setsail for more details.

10. Saleswhale: Amplify Lead Quantity and Quality.

Saleswhale Ai sales assistant software

Saleswhale is a remarkable AI-powered sales assistant tool, designed to automate and optimize lead engagement, qualification, and follow-up processes. One of its primary benefits is automated lead engagement, where Saleswhale initiates email conversations with leads, provides immediate responses, and nurtures them without manual intervention. For instance, when a lead downloads content from your website, Saleswhale can automatically start an email conversation, inquiring if they need further information or assistance.

Lead qualification is another strong suit of Saleswhale, as it utilizes AI to analyze lead responses and behavior, ensuring that your sales team focuses their efforts on high-potential prospects. For example, if a lead expresses interest in pricing during an email conversation, Saleswhale can promptly flag them as a highly qualified lead. The tool also excels in providing personalized follow-up, enabling tailored and timely responses based on lead engagement and interests. You can set up customized follow-up emails with relevant content for leads who have shown interest in specific product features.

Saleswhale's AI is continuously learning from interactions, improving its responses and engagement strategies over time. This adaptability allows the tool to refine conversation techniques based on past interactions and lead preferences. Seamlessly integrate Saleswhale with your CRM system to ensure that lead data is synchronized for easy access by your sales team. When a lead is qualified by Saleswhale, their information is automatically updated in your CRM, providing a complete history of interactions.

To get started with Saleswhale, sign up for an account on their website and complete the onboarding process by configuring your email integration and connecting to your CRM. Set up email sequences for different lead segments, define conversation flows and messages for lead engagement, and configure lead qualification criteria based on responses and behaviors. Design follow-up email templates and content, and establish triggers for personalized follow-up emails. Continuously review and analyze the performance and engagement data in the Saleswhale dashboard, and make adjustments to enhance AI learning. Finally, ensure that Saleswhale is integrated with your CRM, mapping lead data accurately between the two systems.

Saleswhale is a potent tool that can significantly improve your lead engagement and qualification processes. Use this user guide as a starting point to explore its features and benefits, and adapt it to your unique needs for exceptional results.

Pricing: It has a single plan, Starter for $2495/month. 

Final verdict:

The finest AI sales software empowers sales representatives by automating their sales procedures and enhancing deal closures. Additionally, it enables sales managers to monitor and analyze sales performance while gaining deeper insights into customer behavior. Some tools, such as Drift, stand out in the realm of chatbots and lead generation. Meanwhile, solutions like SetSail excel in revenue management and optimizing sales representatives' performance.

Regardless of your choice, conducting due diligence is essential. These are enduring solutions that swiftly integrate into your organization. Therefore, it's imperative to select one that is effective and cost-efficient. Ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems, such as CRMs or BI tools, is crucial to providing tangible value to your sales and revenue teams.

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Author: Anant Belekar (SEO Manager)